Mentor’s Corner

Many of our members have been licensed and active hams for many years and have technical backgrounds and lots of experience. If you have questions about ham radio (or related tech), someone can likely help you out.

We regularly publish mentoring responses and other technical bits of interest here.

  • FCC RF Exposure Rule Change
    By Chip Coker KD4C By now, you may have seen or heard that the FCC published a change to their regulations in December 2019 that changes the Rules on RF Exposure evaluations. In short, in the past the Amateur Service had been exempt from having to perform an RF Exposure evaluation on Amateur Radio stations and equipment. The December 2019 Report & Order eleimnated that catagorical exemption for the Amateur Service and adopted a 2…
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  • Solar Propagation – What You Need To Know
    By Jon Suehiro NN5T You see this image on RWK home page – . But what does it mean? You also hear about Solar Cycle 25. What do you need to know about the current propagation and solar conditions? This graphic is updated several times a day and contains the latest relevant data and statistics that are relevant to ham radio propagation. Ideally, you should be able to look at this and get a…
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  • Transmission Lines and Wave Behavior
    Here are a couple of informative and entertaining videos on transmission lines and wave behavior. — Courtesy of Michael WT9V
  • Stealth Vertical Antenna Idea
    by Mike Jahrig KG5P – Hams living in HOAs are always trying to figure out what kind of antenna they should use so they won’t get caught violating the covenant agreements. I hear all kinds of solutions from flagpole antennas to using old corroded rain gutters. Here is an idea I came across. It as stealthy as you can get and still be an antenna. In addition, I can think of no reason that…
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  • Impedance Matching
    (Or Stuff that Every Ham Should Know) by Mike Jahrig KG5P – I had a discussion with a fellow ham recently. He has a nice modern rig but was unclear why the antenna impedance and feedline characteristic impedance must be matched to the transmitter impedance (almost always 50 ohms) Since this is something that every ham should or must know, I believe it is important that I mention it. My fellow ham thought that…
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Beau’s Korner

Beau Williamson N5PY

Beau Williamson N5PY (SK) was a dedicated and involved member of the RWK and the North Texas ham community, serving as Director of Mentoring and Education for RWK until very recently. In that capacity he helped many hams learn and sharpen their CW skills, earn license upgrades, and generally improve their overall technical knowledge. Beau was honored for this work with a special award at the RWK President’s Dinner on January 12, 2020.

In honor of Beau’s long service to the club, the pre-meeting gathering of Mentors at the RWK General Meeting has been named “Beau’s Korner”. This group is available to answer questions and opine on all things ham radio for any newly-licensed hams or anyone else that needs help of a primarily technical nature.

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