Newsletter – The Chawed Rag

The RWK publishes a monthly on-line newsletter, “The Chawed Rag”, for members and others interested in the Klub’s activities.

You will find the latest issue here and back issues here!

  • Chawed Rag – November 2020

    Chawed Rag – November 2020

    The November issue of The Chawed Rag is available, featuring articles on:
    – Wi-Fi or the Wild West – A Brief History of Technology and Computers
    – “From the desk of Dick Morgan, K6RAH”
    – Leadership Corner by Treasurer Danny Siminiuk reflecting on his tunure as Treasurer of the RWK.
    – Technical Article – 12 Resistor Cube Problem

    The full issue is available here

  • Chawed Rag – October 2020

    Chawed Rag – October 2020

    The October issue of The Chawed Rag is available, featuring articles on:
    – Tips for Getting Started with Fox Hunting
    – Field Day 2020 Antennas
    – Leadership Corner by President Mark Beebe on Club Activities during the pandemic.

    The full issue is available here

    The latest Chawed Rag can always be found here.

  • Chawed Rag – August 2020

    Chawed Rag – August 2020

    The August Issue of The Chawed Rag is available, featuring articles:
    – Remote Testing During the Time of COVID-19
    – Helmut Oscar “Hal” Wolff, N5BT (SK)1928-2020
    – BAOFENG Radio Modification
    – Third in a Series – 12 Resistor Cube Problem Solved
    – The Leadership Corner by Past President AF5MN has some great tips for new hams

    The full issue is available here

Share your experiences

The RWK is constantly looking for content to publish in The Chawed Rag. If you have an article, technical subject, project or fun story you would like to contribute, please submit it to the editor at

To submit an article to the Editor for consideration, please put your article into a single Word Document, or if that is not possible, collect all of your article’s components into a folder and create a zip archive of all of it.

Then simply email the Word Doc or zip file to

If your file is too large to send by email please feel free to upload the files(s) to our Public Upload folder and follow up with an email to the Editor notifying him/her of the upload.

Why “The Chawed Rag?”

Ham radio operators love to talk! In addition to the potential emergency communications services or special event communications provided to their communities, hams enjoy chatting with fellow hams on the air. Hams exchange information about their locations, radio equipment they use, antennas, tuners, etc.

Additionally, hams often discuss the weather and exchange personal and family information. With regular communications, they develop on-the-air friendships. Such discussions are characterized as “chewing the rag” with a friend or several friends over a network or a roundtable. That is the origin of this newsletter’s strange name.

Rag chewing with fellow hams is something that you must experience to appreciate. Ham radio is fun!  Nothing beats a nice round table discussion on the repeater or on 3.890 AM if you have HF and 100 watts of carrier. If you want to explore amateur radio, contact one of our board members and join us at one of our monthly meetings. Our monthly meetings are free to all. You are always welcome…no license required. Just keep any political or religious discussions for off line!