RWK University – Help For New Hams

RWK University

Welcome to RWK University. We’re here to help you make the most of your new Ham Radio license. You thought you were done studying after passing your License Exam? Well sorry (actually not really), passing your exam is just the start. There are so many things for new hams to learn about Ham Radio, getting your license is like having a license to learn!

We’re here to help get you started on your ham radio journey. Our RWK University material is designed to lead you from being a brand new Tech to learning all you can do with your new license, and then again when (notice I said “when”, not “if”) you pass your General Class Exam, all the things you can do with that. We will focus on the most popular activities, but trust me, there are many other things that you can do once you have a good foundation.

Technician Course

T100 – Radio Selection & Programming

Covers what radio(s) you will need and want as a Technician, along with how to program those radios for basic repeater and other uses.

T200 – Repeater Basics and Operating Practices

Covers the basics of how to operate using a repeater, basic radio and antenna selection, and simplex operation.

T300 – VHF Antennas for Home/Mobile

T400 – Digital Voice Modes & Inter-Networking

T500 – Other VHF Modes – Packet/APRS/FSQ

T600 – Intro to Foxhunting

T700 – Intro to Amateur Radio Satellites

T800 – 6M/2M SSB Operating

T900 – HF Operating on 10 Meters

General Course

G100 – Station Building Basics

G200 – HF Radios & Basic Operating

G300 – Basic Propagation Fundamentals

G400 – Simple HF Antennas

G500 – Antenna Feedlines & Grounding/Bonding

G600 – SSB Operating

G700 – Operator’s Log and QSL

G800 – Digital Modes

G900 – CW and Other Modes (RTTY/SSTV)

G1000 – DX and Operating Awards