T300 – VHF Antennas for Home/Mobile

This module covers the basic types of VHF (and UHF) Antennas that you are likely to encounter, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to select and/or build a VHF Antenna for your station.

VHF Antennas for Portable Radios

A note about most VHF/UHF FM signals…

The Basic “Rubber Duck”

Repeater Offset



A Full Quarter Wave Whip Antenna

A note about connectors…

VHF Antennas for Mobile Radios

Quarter Wave Magnet Mount


Longer Wavelength Antennas

VHF Antennas for Home Stations

What Radio Do I Need?

Many new Hams purchase an inexpensive hand held transceiver to start their amateur radio journey. The $30 Handy-Talkie (HT) may be your first radio purchase, but it is guaranteed not be the last.

What Antenna Do I Need?

Any Other Equipment?

The 2 Meter Band Plan

It’s important to learn what happens where in the 2M band. This isn’t codified by the FCC but rather general agreement between operators, so that things work and people don’t get upset.