Ham Radio License Testing

RWK is proud to offer Amateur Radio License Exam testing as a service to our members and local community. Test sessions are conducted either in person or remotely by computer. We conduct exams though W5YI-VEC, and the fee for an exam session is $14, unless you are a member of RWK.

The VE team is currently paying the test fee for one test per license class for members of the RWK – in other words, if you join the RWK, your tests are free (as long as you keep passing them). If you are not yet licensed and wish to join RWK to receive a free Technician exam, go ahead and register for an exam, then contact the examination coordinator after registration, before you pay for the exam. Contact details will be emailed to you after registration.

Remote/Online Exam Sessions

Legality of online testing

In case you’ve heard any rumors about online testing not being ‘legal’, or ‘valid’, please refer to this PDF on the FCC website, where they clarify that online exams are perfectly acceptable to them.

The process

RWK members conduct remote license exam sessions by computer using Zoom and Exam Tools, which is provided by hamstudy.org (HamStudy.org is a great way to study for your license!). See the right column to see our upcoming sessions, what you need to do, and how to register.

Remote license testing is fast and easy and if you pass, in most cases you can have your new license in as little as two business days.

What Do You Need for Remote License Testing?

  • You need to have a good internet connection capable of supporting video conferencing.
  • You need to have a good webcam on your computer. In addition, you may be asked to use a cell phone as a second camera.
  • You will need a “clean” environment to take the exam in (an uncluttered desk/table with nothing around that could be hiding cheat methods and one where nobody will be entering the room unexpectedly, which could void the exam).
  • While the exam is not time-limited, you will need enough uninterrupted time to finish – starting and stopping is not allowed. Many people can finish in just a few minutes, but you should be prepared to take as much time as you need.

If you can meet these requirements, please Review the Instructions and Procedure for remote testing and check the list on the right to schedule a remote testing session with the K5RWK Test Team.

In-Person License Exam Sessions

RWK conducts in-person license exam sessions in Richardson on the second Monday evening of each month, just before our monthly General Meeting, as a service to the local community. The location is St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church, 1220 W. Beltline Rd, Richardson TX 75080. Time is from 5:00 P.M. until about 6:00 P.M. The club meeting starts at 6:00pm and you are welcome to attend after your test session. .  Here is a map of the testing location.

Please register in advance for the in-person test session here: hamstudy.org (look for session marked as “In-person”) and pre-pay using the link to the right.

You will need a to bring government-issued photo ID, and (if you wish) a non-programmable calculator to the test session. Our tests are conducted using tablet computers so please bring eyeglasses if you need them.

If you currently hold a license and are attempting to upgrade, be sure to bring your license. Also, there have been FCC rule changes that allow former hams to gain license test credit in certain instances. Please let us know if you hold an expired license.

Get Your Ham Radio License!

Upcoming License Testing Sessions

To Register for a Test Session

  1. Select a session from the above list of scheduled sessions and go to hamstudy.org to register.
  2. Complete your registration with hamstudy.org and receive your registration via email.
  3. If you are not a member of the RWK, Pay for your exam session here (click the Buy Now button) – you can pay with your PayPal account or Credit/Debit card.

    Ham License Exam – K5RWK VE Team through W5YI VEC

  4. Review the instructions for your remote testing session.

NOTE: If you have not paid or have not followed the remote testing instructions, we cannot administer your exam. Testing fees are non-refundable.