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We serve the Richardson TX community by providing self-supporting special event and emergency communication networks. The RWK also promotes amateur radio to the public in Richardson and the surrounding area as a useful, life-long hobby.

Our club is comprised of over 340 individual amateur radio operators (hams) in Richardson, the surrounding communities, around the state and even out of state, with a wide range of interests and skills. We strive to increase the number and quality of fellowship and amateur radio learning opportunities. Our membership includes hams ranging from teenagers to radio pioneers in their 80s and beyond! The Richardson Wireless Klub has been an ARRL affiliated club since 1952.

The RWK provides many opportunities to assist members to maximize their knowledge and enjoyment of amateur radio through fun, fellowship and unique learning experiences. The Richardson Wireless Klub is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

  • General Meeting – June 2021 – High Altitude Ballooning with Amateur Radio

    General Meeting – June 2021 – High Altitude Ballooning with Amateur Radio

    It’s that time again! Summer is almost here, and it’s time for our June Richardson Wireless Klub general meeting!

    As previously announced (unless you don’t read your RWK email), the meeting will be In-Person at the church and simulcast on Zoom. Please read below for specifics if you want to attend In-Person.

    General Meeting Monday June 14th – 7pm – High Altitude Ballooning with Amateur Radio

    This month’s program is from our own Doug Kilgore KD5OUG.  Doug will provide a pictorial look at past high altitude balloon flights over North Texas containing Amateur radio…and maybe a challenge for the future. We will also have an update on Field Day and other current RWK activities.

    We know that many of you are happy to be meeting in-person again and we look forward to having you there!  If you don’t want to attend in person, we will still have the Zoom option so you can see and hear all the action.  It will be more of a regular meeting format so you can see and talk to your fellow zoom attendees prior to the meeting.  Please be patient with us – NBC wasn’t built in a week and we may have some technical issues the first time doing this “live from the church”. If you attend on Zoom, please know that you will be able to see and hear the other zoom attendees, but those of us at the church will not be able to hear you.  If you have questions, you can use the Zoom Chat function and we will try to answer them.

    If you want to attend via Zoom, here’s the link:


    Meeting ID: 825 8259 3779
    Passcode: 171841

    And since RWK monthly general meetings are open to all, please feel free to invite anyone you think might be interested.

    Beau’s Korner Mentoring/Roundtable – 6pm
    Please join us for the Beau’s Korner Mentoring/Roundtable session at 6pm before the meeting.  Bring your questions and we’ll do our best to get you answers. If you’re not coming in person and still have questions, please show up for our RWK Tuesday Night on Zoom on the 3rd Tuesday night.

    A Note on Specifics for Meeting In-Person:

    I want to stress the following:  We cannot (and will not) require “proof” of you having been vaccinated to attend in person.  However, we heavily encourage it, for your sake and for the sake of your fellow club members.  We hope that you will respect your fellow members, some of which may have health issues, and not put them at unnecessary risk.  For those of you that do have health issues, please realize that we cannot guarantee that the meeting will be risk-free.  You must be the best judge of whether you choose to attend in person, or stay home and attend via Zoom.  We’re happy to give you the choice, but you must decide what is best for you.

    The church kitchen is still not open so we will not have the normal coffee and cookies.  However, you may bring your own. 

    Masks are not required but you may wear one if you want.  Sanitizers will be available at the door, and the chairs will be set up with some separation.

    If you have any additional questions about meeting in person, please send me a direct message (remember the $5 fine for reply to the list!) We look forward to “seeing” you on Monday, either live or via zoom!

  • General Meeting – May 2021 – HF Power Losses

    General Meeting – May 2021 – HF Power Losses

    Join us for the May 10th general meeting of the Richardson Wireless Klub. Don’t miss your opportunity to join this virtual RWK meeting from the comfort of your living room, office or ham shack.

    This month’s presentation will be delivered by Jim Eatman, KG5WAW. Jim has delivered several great talks at recent meetings – most recently a great presentation on HF dipoles (June 2019). This month he will be discussing power losses in HF radio links. This presentation is meant for hams of all skill levels, and will delve into sources of power loss (coax, tuners, baluns, antennas, etc.), along with some steps you can take to help reduce them.

    As with recent meetings, we are meeting via Zoom and registration is required (name, email, callsign).  Please use this registration link: https://bit.ly/33eX0Xr

    We look forward to having you there!  And since RWK monthly general meetings are open to all, please feel free to invite anyone you think might be interested.

    Beau’s Korner Mentoring/Roundtable – 6pm
    Please join us for the (dare I say popular?) Beau’s Korner Mentoring/Roundtable session at 6pm before the meeting.  We’ve been averaging 20 or so on video (and a few more that are just audio only).  It’s the closest thing to an informal gathering before the meeting at the church that we have, so join us on video (most laptops and phones have a built-in webcam) if you dare or just watch us have fun before the meeting.  Bring your questions and show pics of your shack and/or antennas.

    Beau’s Korner Link: 


Check out the Presentation Archives. There are tons of presentations from Klub meetings over the years. Scan through them and you will be sure to find something interesting.

  • Chawed Rag – November 2020

    Chawed Rag – November 2020

    The November issue of The Chawed Rag is available, featuring articles on:
    – Wi-Fi or the Wild West – A Brief History of Technology and Computers
    – “From the desk of Dick Morgan, K6RAH”
    – Leadership Corner by Treasurer Danny Siminiuk reflecting on his tunure as Treasurer of the RWK.
    – Technical Article – 12 Resistor Cube Problem

    The full issue is available here

The latest Chawed Rag can always be found here.

RWK Repeater Information

We operate 6 VHF/UHF repeaters in the North Texas Area.

147.12 (+0.6MHz, 110.9) FM Analog
Echo Test/Signal Report, Allstar Link, Google Asst.
145.43 (-0.6MHz, 110.9) FM Analog
K5UTD (Operated for UTD Amateur Radio Club)
440.375 (+5MHz) FM Digital
443.375 (+5MHz, 110.9) FM Analog
Allstar Link
444.725 (+5MHz, 110.9 Analog)
Analog/Digital C4FM WIRES-X
927.025 (-25MHz, DPL532) NFM Analog
Allstar Link to STX/West Coast 927 Hub

–> More information on using our repeaters

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