RWK President’s Dinner 2024

If you haven’t heard, we’re having an actual President’s Dinner on Sunday Jan 7th 2024 at 5pm.   Doug Kilgore has again approached Aboca’s Italian Grill (the site of the last RWK Dinners in 2020 and 2023) and they will open on a (normally closed) Sunday evening for our dinner.  The cost will be $25/per person, which given all the changes in the restaurant industry in the last few years I think is a great price.  We are asking RWK members to pay the per-meal charge (plus any cash bar purchases) and the RWK will cover the facility and service charge for the restaurant staff. 

Doors open at 5pm and there will be a social hour and cash bar. Dinner will be served (buffet style) at 6pm and will consist of salad, two entrees, vegetables, bread, two desserts, and coffee/tea. We will have a short year-end wrap-up presentation and a bunch of awards, including the 2023 Warren Bruene Award.

We also are planning some good door prizes – currently the list is over 20 prizes between $200 and $25 (there is no “grand prize”). This year we will be repeating last year’s system for door prizes – you will be given 5 tickets upon entry (part of your dinner ticket purchase) and you can “vote” on which prize(s) you want by placing tickets in the bin for that prize. If you want to win a single prize, you can put all of your tickets towards that prize (increasing your chance of winning it). If you want multiple prizes, then put a ticket in each of the bins for those prizes. If you run out of tickets, you can get more tickets ($1 each or 6/$5). We think this will be a fun way to do prizes this year (without sticking you with a prize you’re not interested in).

Please see the button below to purchase your ticket(s) to this event. We can take a few purchases in person at the door but we really prefer that you purchase in advance as we have to commit to a head count with the restaurant in advance of the Dinner (so that everyone has enough food).

Buy your dinner ticket(s) here:

  1. Click the “Buy Tickets Now” button (–>)
  2. Select Ticket Quantity in Cart
  3. Select Payment Method to check out (you may pay with PayPal or Visa/MC/AmEx)
  4. Fill out the payment form to complete your charge.
RWK President's Dinner 2024
RWK President's Dinner 2024