Marshall Levett KI5YIA – SK

Marshall Levett KI5YIA passed away unexpectedly on December 22, 2023. He was 75.

Marshall lived in Austin. We first met Marshall when the RWK VE Team tested him for Technician, which he passed with an almost perfect score. This was no small feat for Marshall because he was completely blind. He used screen reader technology to assist with “reading” the exam.

After getting his license, Marshall’s next step was to get on the air, which he did with the assistance of Larry KI5UXC. Marshall would participate in RWK Friday Lunch Bunch zoom meetings and showed up a few times at the Weds Hungry Hams lunch. Marshall eventually earned his Extra class license, again with the assistance of the RWK VE Team.

Marshall died unexpectedly in January 2024. He was 75. It’s good that ham radio was able to provide some excitement and adventure to the last few years of Marshall’s life and it was our pleasure to have him as a member of RWK.