General Meeting – August 2022 – Solar Cycle 25 Update and Propagation

Please join RWK on Monday August 8th for our August General Meeting. Our guest will be Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA presenting on Solar Cycle 25 Update and Propagation. Carl will review all twenty-four previous solar cycles, show predictions for Cycle 25 and present the current status of Cycle 25. Next he will give a general summary of the current propagation on 160-10m. Included will be what to look for in terms of 10.7 cm solar flux, sunspot number and the K index. Then we will take a brief look at how to tell what propagation is doing right now. Finally, he will talk about 6m sporadic E propagation since we’re still in the Es season and discuss G3YLA’s Es Probability Index (EPI), which may give us a heads-up for 6m sporadic E openings. It promises to be a very enlightening update on all things Propagation.

Click the image to play the August Meeting recording

Here are Carl’s slides in a PDF, (which are easier to read than in the video)

The latest N0NBH Propagation and Conditions banner is always available on the K5RWK homepage (right column). It contains a wealth of information about the current solar conditions and expected propagation.

Other resources recommended by Carl:
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