General Meeting – July 2022 – The Magic of Six Meters

Jim Wilson K5ND will be here in person to talk about the “magic band”.  You, too, can capture the MAGIC of six meters. It takes some time and skill, but you’ll achieve incredible results from an average station. The presentation covers propagation modes, equipment, antennas, software, operating awards, and contests. This will be superb preparation for your own efforts on six meters.

We also wrap-up Field Day 2022 and preview a future POTA outing.

Click the image to view the Meeting Recording

View the recording of the July 2022 Meeting

Jim has also shared a copy of his presentation and these additional resources:

Guide to 6 Meter DXing

6 Meter Antennas

Capture the Magic of Six Meters eBook by K5ND

FFMA — The Ultimate Grid Chase