2021 Richardson Christmas Parade

RWK fielded a team of 25 volunteers on December 9 to provide communications support for the COR Parks Department’s 49th Annual Richardson Christmas Parade. I wanted to say “thank you” for to all the volunteers that assisted with the parade.  I know it was a big hunk of time out of your weekend and I’m glad that you chose to spend it with the RWK.

The parade is very important to the City and I’m glad that we as a club can do our part to start earning our “keep” for the things that the City provides the club (namely some valuable rent-free equipment real estate). It’s important that we make a good, professional showing and provide a quality service to the Parks Department, and I think that we did that this year.

Was it perfect? No, there are always things that can be better, and we’ve developed a list of things that we need to work on (which is why we do events such as these in order that we can be better prepared).  But overall, we did our part and thankfully there were no big incidents.

I especially would like to thank Bob Perkins for jumping in and organizing this year’s parade effort.  With only a bit of input from past participants, he got all of you signed up, in place, and ready so that you could assist.  Well done, Bob!

So thanks again for doing your part.  We appreciate it!

(See more pics from the parade in the gallery below)