2021 RWK VE Team Results

By Michael WT9V

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s appropriate that we look back and see the impact that the RWK Volunteer Examiner (VE) Team has had on the community, the club, and ham radio in general. Overall I think we should be pleased with the results:

  • The VE team conducted 42 exam sessions and gave 150 exams to 133 people.
  • We tested people from 28 different states, most from TX, with GA, AL and CA tying for second place.
  • We saw 102 people pass Technician, 35 upgrade to General, and 13 upgrade to Amateur Extra.
  • 24 of the people we tested went on to join RWK.
  • RWK has VEs that are in 8 different states (mainly through our cooperative affiliation with the other leading VE teams).
  • We’ve also had 9 VEs join the club as a by-product of being a part of the online testing team, people that we’d never have met otherwise.

I’d like to thank the RWK Volunteer Examiners that have committed so much time in 2021roughly calculated to be over 600 hours! – to the VE process – hopefully the above stats show what your contributions have meant to the RWK and to ham radio!