General Meeting – November 2021 – Annual Show & Tell Night

Our Annual Show & Tell Night allows our members to “show off” to the entire klub something that they’ve been working on – a kit, radio, antenna, modification, or some other cool radio project – over the past year.  In the past we’ve had some really neat things shown off, so you will want to see what our members have for you this year.  Each Show & Tell will be 5-10 minutes.

We had four presenters for this year’s Show&Tell:

A Nearly Homebrew Receiver for HF and above – Eric Silverthorn NM5M

Eric showed a project that he started over 20 years ago from a QST article! He built a receiver from a kit but had trouble getting it to work properly, so he set it aside. 20 years later he found the source of the poor performance and then decided to modernize the receiver with some filtering and a Direct Digital Synthesizer to replace the crystal. The result is a very wide range receiver that performs well up into the VHF range.

A 3D printed Speaker and Radio Containment Box – Logan McWaters Ki5NON

Logan showed a 3D-printed custom speaker enclosure and radio holder for a TYT mobile radio with removable front face. The enclosure holds a front-facing 6″ speaker and also has a microphone holder.

Dual band APRS Digi and Tracker – Andrew Koenig KE5GDB

Andrew showed a combination VHF/UHF APRS Tracker & Digipeater. Two mobile radios, a small diplexer, a GPS receiver, a Raspberry Pi and some CM108 sound interfaces and you have a box that is suitable for beaconing position on VHF & UHF APRS and also relaying APRS packets from VHF to UHF and even acting as an Igate (when connected to a network).

Demonstration of the Morserino32 – Nick McCarthy K5NJM

Nick showed his latest kit build – the Morserino32 – which is a multi-function CW Trainer/Encoder/Decoder with internet and LoRa connectivity.

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You can View the November Meeting Recording here.