General Meeting – October 2021 – Introduction to NanoVNAs

Our guest speaker will be Alan Wolke W2AEW.  Alan is an Electrical Engineer and has been a has been a Field Applications Engineer for Tektronix since 2006 (so he might know a thing or two about test equipment). He was originally licensed in 1980 while in high school, and currently holds an extra class license. He is a life member of the ARRL, and is the Technical Coordinator for the NNJ Section of the ARRL Field organization.  Alan has a popular YouTube channel where he has over 300 videos on ham radio and test equipment subjects (many on how to use NanoVNAs).  

Alan will explain just what the mysterious “NanoVNA” is and how it can be of use to all of us in ham radio.  The tech heads will appreciate the details on how a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) works – and why they can cost up to $250,000 – and even the most non-technical ham can appreciate how to put this ~$60 device to use in tuning antennas.

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