General Meeting – March 2024 – Simple Homebrew Yagi Design

Our March RWK Meeting will be on “Making Home-Brew Yagi Design Simple, and a Simple Low-cost VHF/UHF Design.” with our old friend John Portune W6NBC. Hams tend to fear building their own Yagi beams, thinking that only professional radio engineers can design Yagis. The equations seem way too complex and the many on-line Yagi calculators all conflict with each other, and they do not know which one to trust. GOOD NEWS. Ham yagi design is really simple as this presentation shows. Only three easy to remember no math, no calculator rules of thumb yield results that can’t be distinguished from yagis designed with the calculators and the fancy math. The presentation also shows how to build a durable inexpensive VHF/UHF beam from easy to obtain materials.

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John’s slides for this presentation are available at