General Meeting – April 2023 – Making Ferrite Toroid Baluns for Dummies

Our program this month is Making Ferrite Toroid Baluns for Dummies by John Portune W6NBC. Few hams know how to select a toroid and know how many turns on it to make a 1:1, 4:1 or 9:1 balun. The radio books are only confusing. John will present the 3 simple steps using very little math and a free on-line calculator. There is no mystery here.

Click the image to view the meeting recording.

If you would like to view the slides from John’s presentation (pdf), they are here:

Here are some of the tools (links) that John refers to in his presentation:

Amidon Ferrite Toroids Calculator:

Ugly Balun Calculator:

Identifying Unknown Toroids:

Source for ferrites:

Handy Weatherproof Project Boxes: