General Meeting – April 2021 – RWK Foxhunt Basics

This month our main presentation is all about foxhunts.  The RWK has now been doing weekly (with a few exceptions) foxhunts for almost two years, and it’s time for a refresher course.  Andrew KE5GDB is going to explain how to hunt, the tools that you need, and techniques that you can use to find the fox.  We’ll show you the two resident RWK foxes, how they work, and things to listen for. If you haven’t yet hunted our foxes and didn’t know where to start, you should hopefully be prepared and all you will need is some practice to become an expert.  It’s great weather for a hunt so lets get lots of new calls in the log!

Click the image to view the recording of the April 2021 Meeting

View the recording of the April 2021 General Meeting