General Meeting – February 2021 – VHF Contesting and Roving

Upon recommendation from Andrew, the February General Meeting presentation will be by Jim Wilson K5ND on the Aspects of VHF Contesting and Roving.  Jim has lots of experience in VHF contesting while “roving” (basically operating from fixed mobile and portable setups) to overcome the limitations of North Texas (no mountains and far apart stations).  Even if you don’t want to get out in the field, you will likely learn some things about VHF antennas and operating.

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Jim has lots of resources on his website: K5ND Guide to VHF Contesting
K5ND Article in Jan/Feb 2020 QST – K5ND’s VHF Limited Rover Experience
K5ND Article in Nov/Dec NCJ – An In-Depth Look at the K5ND VHF Rover Setup – Part 2