RWK/PHAB-17 Balloon Launch

Event Details

Just a quick reminder that the RWK/PHAB-17 balloon will be launched in the general DFW area. The target altitude is 100k feet. At that altitude, contacts across the state will definitely be possible. If nothing else, you should tune your radio to the channel and park it in the charger for the weekend.
The DMR payload is a single frequency repeater, in the form of a Hytera PD982. The radio listens on one timeslot, and retransmits the packet on the other timeslot. This method eliminates propagation delay / synchronization concerns and seems to work very well.
Launch time is ~9:00AM @ Anna High School (just north of Dallas) on Saturday, 7/24.
More info about the launch can be found on the Fast Facts sheet:
Payloads include an SSTV beacon, DMR single-frequency repeater, crossband repeater, a bunch of APRS goodies, and some experimental LoRa beacons.