Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day Marshal
David, KG5YXA

Come join the fun and test your skills as we kick off this year’s Winter Field Day, January 25th – 26th at Lookout Park in Richardson! (Google map)

Winter Field Day started in 2007 by a non-ARRL group with the purpose of preparing for and practicing Emergency Communications across North America and beyond.Similar to Summer Field Day, offering additional challenges of wintertime operations, but with a more streamlined scoring system. Last year K5RWK operated as an outdoors station, placing 7th Nationally, and 1st in our Section.

Officially this is an Emergency Communications Exercise, with points awarded for operational proficiency in adverse conditions. We witnessed how important Amateur Radio operations were during the 2019 tornadoes in Richardson.  While these events are unusual, we know they will occur again. And being prepared at a moment’s notice for these and other disasters can be invaluable. That’s why setup is limited to 12 hours total, and only during the previous 24 hours. If you are interested in honing your emergency preparedness skills, in adverse, unfamiliar conditions, you will find this event a rewarding challenge.

And unofficially, it’s a great opportunity for some good ole amateur radio camaraderie, showing off your gear, learning, and an excuse to help your RWK to earn bragging rights.

The Richardson Wireless Klub is set to score even higher in 2020, but we can’t do it without you! Licensed hams of all abilities are encouraged to participate; you don’t have to be klub member.  We placed 1st in phone contacts last year and want to improve our contact numbers this year, especially with CW and digital modes.

In 2020 we’re hoping you’ll also help increase our number of bands and modes operated. Why? Well WFD multiplies our total QSO score; for each additional band/mode operated. Just one confirmed QSO on an ‘exotic’ band/mode will go a long way towards increasing our score. Last year we operated on 10 band/modes and it would go a long way if we could double or even triple that.

Special setup areas for short-term operation will be available. But remember no commercial power, including charging batteries, after 1pm Saturday.

If you’re a new HAM this a great opportunity to operate the klub gear on HF and learn the ins and outs of radio contesting.

A huge thank you to previous event chairs Joe Hodgkins KI5O and Paul Newman KA5TYW for their leadership and advice moving into 2020. Also to the City of Richardson Emergency Operations Center for their assistance, including the portable radio tower!


Are you a new HAM, new to contesting, or just looking for a refresher before WFD? Join WFD marshal David Hartwig KG5YXA and guest presenter Grant Laughlin W5XJ on Tuesday, Janurary 21st 7pm, for a WFD contesting conference call. We’ll cover how to make an exchange, rules, operating proceedures, logging, cadence, and more. REGISTER HERE


K5RWK 4O NTX (Callsign / Class+Category / Section.) Ex. “W6ZE this is K5RWK we are Four Oscar, North Texas” : “K5RWK this is W6ZE, thank you, we are Six Oscar, Orange Country”


Operators and Loggers are needed for the entire 24 hours. Setup/clean-up help too. We will have 3 dedicated stations with K5RWK radios, and at least one additional slot available for individual radios to come and go.

Click here TO SIGN UP IN ADVANCE. Click here for the current positions filled/needed, updated regularly.


The Richardson Wireless Klub has partnered with Network of Community Ministries in order to arrange a Food & Supplies Drop. In an actual emergency communications event we may be called upon to assist our community in a larger scale effort. Today the food crisis is real for some in our community. Donating to your local food pantry is the most cost effective way to help. We will be collecting the entire 24 hour operation, and donations are entirely optional. Most needed food items tend to be canned meats, pastas, peanut butter, mac & cheese, soup, vegetables and fruits. Toiletry items include full size tooth paste, tooth brushes, deodorant, full size shampoo/condition, soap, shaving cream, razors. Please no expired/opened/damaged items. Thanks for helping!


Saturday, Jan. 25th

  • 9:45am – On-Site Setup: Coffee Pot, Antennas, Transceivers, Power, Tents, Tables/Chairs, Food, Information Table, etc.
  • 12:15pm – Set-up complete, initial systems checks.
  • 1:00pm – Winter Field Day contest begins.
  • 5:30pm – Pizza’s delivered for K5RWK members and WFD operators.

Sunday, Jan. 26th

  • 7:30am – Breakfast.
  • 1:00pm – Winter Field Day operations end.
  • 4:00pm – All items loaded out, site clean and secure. Coffee pot disconnected.


  • HF CW – 1810-1820, 3.530-3.550, 7.030-7.050, 14.035-14.055, 21.030-21.050, 28.030-28.040 
  • HF SSB – lowest 30 kHz of the US General Class Phone bands (160m- 15m), 28.400-28.425MHz (10m)
  • 6m/VHF/UHF – adjacent to, but not on, nationally recognized simplex calling channels.


  • Timeslots: 4 Operators maximum at any one time. One “Transmitter” per band & mode.  Many Operators, Transceivers & Antenna Systems may come and go.
  • Off-limits: No Internet, Repeaters, Cross-banding, VOIP, etc.
  • No  arranged/mutual QSO’s: Don’t call on-site. Don’t call stations you’ve already been too.
  • No commercial power: Only logging computers may run on commercial power. No battery charging off commercial power during the contest.
  • No WARC bands (12m, 17m, 30m, 60m)
  • No FT8
  • 3 Operating Modes; CW, PH (anything voice), DI (anything text, data, pictures, video)


  • Scoring Formula: QSO’s * Ouput Power Multiplier * Mode/Band Multipliers + Bonuses
  • Penalties: Busted/not matching call entered in log; -1pt. (no deduction/pts for duplicates)
  • PHone Mode QSO; 1pt.
  • CW Mode or DIgital Mode QSO; 2pts.
  • Each Mode per Band = +1 multiplier
  • Output Power Multiplier: <=100W = 2
  • Non-commercial Power (RV Ok, Battery, Generator) = 1500 pts.
  • Outdoors location (no insulated vehicles, temporary structures ok, <1000′ circle) = 1500 pts .
  • Not Home (>30′) = 1500 pts.
  • Satellite QSO (one maximum) = 1500 pts.


  • Specialty Rigs – VHF/UHF/SHF; just one confrimed QSO on a new band/mode doubles all our QSO points in the competition. Do you have one to come show off?
  • Food and Drinks – RWK will be providing limited snacks on-site. If you’d like to bring something special to share please do! Email us if you want to coordinate.
  • Blankets/Heaters/Rain Gear – TBD (there’s a rumor we may be testing an advanced portable heating system.)

For more information, please email WFD Marshal, David Hartwig KG5YXA –